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A launching platform we call Never Exposed, makes our community's exhibitions and premiers accessible each season, collaborating in capsule collectables with local and international artists and brands we believe in.
Inspired in futurism and constructivism, striving for individuality and freedom to express our dreams and ideas.

As of 2022, all our new projects with citizens are backed by NFTs and t
he future creation of an AR layer will give our citizens the option to discover a hidden digital reality right outside their doors. Our app is the guide to a never exposed world.

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Never Exposed


Alfredo Plessmann III

Founder, CEO


Polina Tiurnikova

Co-Founder, CCD

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Legal Address

123458, г Москва, р-н Строгино,

ул Твардовского, д 6 к 3, кв 84

+7 926 568-64-76

ИНН/КИО: 773467178182

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