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Polly Pless

Polly is one of the talented artists driving behind the success of Never Exposed. Her focus lies in working with design dentity, where she skilfully collects and organizes portraits, photography, and paintings of our citizens. Having studied in the prestigious British School of Design in Moscow, her eye for detail and unique creative sensibility have made her an invaluable asset to the company. Polly plays a crucial role in ensuring that the brand stays true to its core values and maintains its curse through the industry.



"I focus through different filters"


3 скромняшки_2020.jpg

An exploration inside a secret society in the mountains, where geometric structures and fog unite seamlessly into him.

When I first joined to Never Exposed, Alfredo gave me a pair of pink sunglasses. They are still my favorite shade of lens so I decided to remember them with my signature model.

Asset 1new.jpg


New York Exposure #2

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