Alfredo Plessmann III


The path through Architecture and Sound Engineering schools in Venezuela first shaped the artistic style of Alfredo Plessmann III. In his early 20s he moved to the US in pursuit of a design career. Inspired by meetings with legends like David Carson, which fueled his ambition to explore beyond his borders, Alfredo spent some years in New York City, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Germany and at the time of this publication Russia. In New York he attended Film and Photography schools, learning from icons such as Ivan Julian, Nitin Vadukul, Paul Warner and Jaime Permuth.

THOUGHTS is an inevitable representation of my subconscious trying to express itself.

Series of long exposure photography, shot during the winter of 2018 in Moscow, Russia. with my Note 8.
"I was stranded in a bed for 1 week after an operation I decided to have and these bursts were was my reality" 400 scenes were captured into a project I call Waste to Energy.

This combination unconsciously came to me seamlessly while trying to bring something I would use first of all. As i'm writing this, I've realized this was the combination of the original pair I got in Berlin. I predict I'll fall in love.

New Year's 2018 - Intro

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