Alfredo Plessmann III


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The path through Architecture and Sound Engineering schools in Venezuela first shaped my eyes. In my early 20s I moved to the US in pursuit of a design career where I met David Carson, my ambition to explore the world was fueled. I spent 10 years in New York City, before that I spent a year in Buenos Aires, Argentina, another around Germany and now at my early 40s, I've established in Moscow, Russia. In New York I accomplished my dream of becoming a filmmaker, attending Film and Photography schools, learning from icons such as Ivan Julian, Nitin Vadukul, Paul Warner and Jaime Permuth, a few of the reasons I am here.

"An inevitable subconscious idea of a ghost I call Thoughts."

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Long exposures during the winter of 2018 in Moscow, Russia while being stranded in a bed for 1 week after an operation. 400 scenes were captured into the project: Waste to Energy.

Once by the local market in Berlin, my girl spot the coolests square sunglasses. The initial inspiration for Square one series.

New Year's 2018 - Intro

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PL3SS (coming soon)

  • Square One
  • Black Frame
  • Gradient Blue to Black
  • Red dot