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Alfredo Plessmann III

My journey in the creative field began with the love for my architecture studies in Caracas, which shaped my eye for art and design. However, my passion for audiovisuals led me to explore sound engineering in my homeland too. Looking to enhance my style and expand my horizons, I made my way to the bustling metropolis of New York City. There, I devoted a decade to learning from and working alongside some of the most brilliant minds in photography and film direction, whom I now hold as heroes and mentors.

Craving adventure and fresh experiences, I eventually journeyed to Russia and established Never Exposed in both Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Through this platform, I aimed to shine a light on new and exciting realms of art. Today, I am delighted to bring Never Exposed and my creations to Caracas, Venezuela, my hometown. My goal is to create pieces that showcase my unique perspective, as I continue to explore new avenues every day.



"Thoughts of an era. Ideas that float, escape and come back."

3 скромняшки_2020.jpg

Electric, my memory is triggered. My camera is in your spirit, nothing. I shot one and 200.

Asset 1new.jpg

By the local market in Berlin, I found a pair or vintage, square sunglasses. The initial inspiration for Square one series. The lens color mimics the temperature of that day.

a % of sales from this model go to the artist



Around Financial District, NY