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Red Dot is Never Exposed Global Anti-Counterfeit Campaign. Never Exposed Anti-Counterfeit Campaign aims to prevent and eradicate the distribution of counterfeit product. Never Exposed is rigorously monitoring all retail channels and detected offenders will be prosecuted. The value of a true product, shines more through time. Be cautious of fraudulent websites claiming to be an official website ( Never Exposed does not offer any type of price discounts. All products which are discounted from the original price must be considered fake. Please play your part against global crime by staying vigilant against fraudulent. Please check our official website if your retailer is an authorized dealer, we offers genuine products to designated offline/online partners, only. ”. Never Exposed offers the creation of a free NFT token at our official store for future public tradability. If you are here, you agreed with the terms and conditions. This feature applies to all products sold after October 2021  Please contact our red dot team for any further information at:

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