Yusha Koshkina

Ksenia Stepanova


photo_2020-10-08 00.51.27.jpeg

Once I asked Ksenia if she could be any character, what would she choose and she answered: a house cat. I've called her koshka for 3 years straight now.
She is one of those people that carry an undeniable vibe. Hers is as strong as it is subtle. Her quiet personality and accurate laughter hints to the inmens art world she keeps inside. Delighting us every once in a while with another creation. A gifted koshka I can't get enough of.

"While the double energy remains zero, the effective expansion slows down"

3 скромняшки_2020.jpg
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This triple man, surprised to see me, cover up with hands and sunglasses but I expose all his shame in details, as catharsis with the crowd.

These are the first transparent pair ever created by Never Exposed. With blue light filtering and ready for optometry if needed.

a % of sales from this model go to the artist

KOSHKA (coming soon)

  • Square One
  • Black Frame
  • Transparent lens
  • Black dot