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Anton Mariinsky



Yesterday at the Mariinsky apartment, I was struck by the peculiar shade of green from the kitchen walls, lit by 3 candles. An atmosphere he has created with details. "All dishware and cups are handmade", there's a very old wall clock overlooking the wooden table and the food he is cooking is the proper pairing for these beers, kept at the balcony for ideal temperature, it's winter in Moscow. After the great kuritza with kartoshki and грибы, it's time to perform Big In Japan on acoustic guitar. Maybe because he might actually be big in japan, it sounds so great. We talked about how he learned german at bars in Berlin after school. We are now at his favorite bar in Moscow. It'll be until the sun comes up.

"Life hurts but it doesn't have to be painful."


3 скромняшки_2020.jpg

Pizza box, mix media.

The first pair of sunglasses with a magenta dot.

Asset 1new.jpg


Winter adventures with Anton

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