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Daniella Oviedo Ponte

Daniela Oviedo is a talented architect and multidisciplinary artist currently based in Madrid, Spain. She draws inspiration from prominent figures in art and design, including The Bauhaus movement, Wassily Kandinsky, Victor Vasarely, and M.C. Escher. These influences have shaped her unique approach to art, which involves developing a "volumetric parallel reality" that she calls "Architectonic Imposibilia." Through this tool, Daniela expresses the deepest explorations of her mind's layers, resulting in breathtaking and intriguing pieces that captivate and challenge viewers. With her passion for art and design, Daniela Oviedo continues to create works that push the boundaries of creativity and inspire others to see the world in a new light.



“The day is Today, the moment is Now”


3 скромняшки_2020.jpg

Green Glass
Mixed Media (acrylic paint, colored pencils, ink, graphite) on gray cardboard

"Green Glass is the filter I use to make a subjective observation of an specific moment. A relaxing POV
of a struggle from a safe place, where green transforms the dark into harmony and freshness, allowing me to make the correct choice.

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Daniella en su estudio

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