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Currently in Turkey, April's real last name proofs spots of color are in her DNA.

We made a Limited Edition of 50 squares 2.0 (Flip-up mechanism, Stainless Steal, Hypoallergenic Paint, Silver and Silicone Nose piece, 100% UV filter).

Citizens 2.0: APRIL KEY

НДС Включая
  • April Key is a British artist and designer, who graduated from Interior Design at Edinburgh College of Art in 2013, and has set out on her solo mission; to create the most vibrant and unique light objects.

  • “My work revolves around two subjects – architecture and light.

    I come from an architectural background, and one thing I really love about architecture is how daylight would transform and interact with the buildings – completely changing how they look from morning to night.

    For me that transformative narrative is art in itself, and I really hope to evoke that with my projects.”

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