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Numbered Edition of 50

Flip-up mechanism

Stainless Steal

Hypoallergenic Paint

Silver and Silicone Nose piece

100% UV filter

Skin tone Lens

Black dot beauty mark


НДС Включая
  • Venezuelan artist Manuela Benaim combines ergonomic and bodily forms to create anthropomorphic sculptures highlighting the symbiotic relationship between object and user. 

    Benaim’s sculptures are both intimate and universalizing, realized in life-like objects and wearable “Second Skins.” Their sensorial emphasis makes clear the distinction between body and soul, while their use in performance work breathes life into their forms.

  • Through the deconfiguration of the human anatomy, my proposal is to blur the division between the outer world and the inner world of each person. The result is a mix between the humanization of objects and the objectification of bodies, creating an anthropo-domestic world that allows the soul to transcend the skin.

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