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Ushuva x Marina Taylhardt

Marina Taylhardt

Marina Taylhardat throws amazing parties. Arguably the best ones in town.
She's the founder of Ushuva, a sustainable and fair-trade fashion brand in Venezuela. She believes in creating shared value and empowers her employees to contribute to the company's success. She is also involved in various NGOs and uses her platform to advocate for equality and fairness. Marina's journey combines creativity and purpose, as she leaves a lasting impact on the fashion industry and makes a difference in society.



Sustainable and fair trade fashion + prioritizing employees wellbeing

Citizen 2.0: USHUVA

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Alfredo me presentó los lentes el día que lo conocí y me enamoré. Al costumizar mi modelo, nos fuimos por el color pastel, entre rosado y morado. El marco plateado es mi favorito.

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2022 / 01

Ushuva x Marina Taylhardt


Días con Marina

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