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Alfredo Plessmann III



Alfredo Plessmann III embarked on his artistic journey with four years of architectural studies, laying a solid foundation that deeply influences his visual and conceptual artistry. This experience has been a guiding light through his exploration of design, leading him to develop a distinct identity in abstract photography. His series, featured in group exhibitions from Lisbon to New York City, showcase an exploration of light in shadow, and form, inviting viewers into a deep, contemplative engagement.

After spending a decade in New York City, Plessmann's artistic pursuits took a bold turn into experimental cinema. This period not only honed his narrative skills but also immersed him in a vibrant Russian cultural scene that further enriched his work, blending disciplines to invite audiences into a world where art transcends traditional confines.

"Thoughts of an era. Ideas that float, escape and come back."


3 скромняшки_2020.jpg

Electric, my memory is triggered. My camera becomes your eyes. I shot one time and 200 frames.

By the local market in Berlin, I found a pair or vintage, square sunglasses. The initial inspiration for Square one series. The lens color mimics the temperature of that day.

Asset 1new.jpg


Around Financial District, NY



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