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Astro Dasha

Dasha Makurina

Dasha is my trusted astrologist, whose path intertwined with mine since 2016 in New York City, sparked by a fashion photoshoot. Her training at Moscow's premier astrology school enables her to blend scientific rigor with natal and horary astrology, offering insights that navigate both psychedelic explorations and strategic plans.

With her life split between Russia and Latin America, Dasha's influence spans globally, guiding through the cosmos's complexities. More than an astrologist, she is an unparalleled source of inspiration, shaping a future filled with boundless possibilities.



I use science to explain your reality


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Integral to her process is her deep engagement with both natal and horary astrology. Natal astrology provides her with insights into an individual's personality and potential based on their birth chart, while horary astrology offers answers to specific questions by analyzing the chart of the moment a question is posed. Dasha combines these techniques to craft readings that are both predictive and therapeutic, addressing her clients' immediate concerns and their broader life paths.

Modeling took me around the world. Astrology showed me another one.

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Astro Dasha


So lonely

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