Anton Mariinsky


2008 Post-it awards, poster contest, exhibition; Moscow, Russia
2009 Free WiFi, Illustration exhibition; Moscow, Russia
2009 Seattle-Moscow Poster Show, poster exhibition; Bumbershoot fest, Seattle, USA
2010 The Bus, personal exhibition, illustration; Zoom gallery, Saint Petersburg, Russia
2013 Marketing Media Review, Illustration in Infographics, public talk; Kiev, Ukraine
2014 British Higher School of Art and Design, Illustration in Infographics, public talk; Moscow, Russia
2016 Dolosa Oscura—Filmouflage Fest, illustration project, exhibition; Berlin, Germany
2017 Alles Ok Udk Master Project, presentation and exhibition; Shuka, Moscow, Russia
2017 British Higher School of Art and Design, Alles Ok Udk Master Project artist talk; Moscow, Russia
2018 The Taste Of Paper, exhibition and market, participant; DI Telegraph, Moscow, Russia
2018 Nachladen, Alles Ok, personal exhibition; Hamburg, Germany
2018 Le Salon in Das Kapital, About Illustration, artist talk; Berlin, Germany
2018 26th Warsaw Poster Biennale, participant, Main Competition; Warsaw, Poland
2018 Fake News Poster Workshop by Eduardo Barrera Arambarri and Götz Gramlich, poster exhibition, Trnava Poster Triennale; Trnava, Slovakia
2018 Malerei zu verschenken project, Schau Fenster in Kreuzberg; Berlin, Germany
2018 New Years Art Market, Tsvetnoi; Moscow, Russia
2019 Alles Ok exhibition and print sale, Raum Italic; Berlin, Germany
2019 Luxor International Artist Forum (LIVAF), illustration exhibition; Luxor, Egypt
2019 Graduates of illustration class of Universität der Künste Berlin, illustration exhibition; Macau, China

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