Anton Mariinsky

Yesterday at Mariinsky's apartment, I was struck by the cozy shade of green from the kitchen walls, lit by 3 candles. An atmosphere that only got better by the attention to details he has put in. All dishware and cups are handmade, there's a very old wall clock overlooking the wooden table and food is cooked to perfection without him missing a beat of conversation. After a great kuritza with potatoes and mushrooms plus a few beers, it's time for one of the greatest versions of Big In Japan on acoustic guitar. Maybe because he might actually be big in japan, or here or both. He has the curriculum and body of work, but he prefers to make new experiences over talking about personal achievements. The guy who learned german by hitting the Berlin bars at night after school, took me to a favorite of his in Moscow, where everyone knows each other and him. We drank until 7. That's the Mariinsky Experience.

photo_2020-10-08 00.51.27.jpeg

"Life hurts but it doesn't have to be painful."

3 скромняшки_2020.jpg

Pizza box, mix media.

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The first pair of sunglasses with a magenta dot.

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Winter adventures with Anton